SUDAN WATCH: Norway sends protest to Sudan

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Norway sends protest to Sudan

As noted here previously, Norway's Jan Egeland, the UN's coordinator of emergency aid, was told he would not be allowed to enter Darfur or even Khartoum for two weeks and yesterday Sudan asked the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) terminate its work in the whole of Darfur. NRC operates the largest refugee camp in Darfur, housing 100,000 displaced persons.

Today, Norway has sent a note to Sudan, expressing the Norwegian Government's concern over the development of the situation in the country, Norway Post reported. The note points to the working conditions for the humanitarian organisations, the Sudanese authorities lack of ability to protect its own population and Jan Egeland being denied entry to Sudan.

Norway has been heavily involved in the Sudan, both with emergency aid and in connection with the peace process to end the civil war between North and Southern Sudan.


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