SUDAN WATCH: Norwegian Refugee Council hopes to return to South Darfur

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Norwegian Refugee Council hopes to return to South Darfur

Some media reports published in the last two days have suggested that Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has been asked to leave Sudan. This is not correct. NRC has been asked to discontinue its humanitarian aid operation in the state of South Darfur in Western Sudan, says NRC 6 Apr 2006.

On Monday NRC was informed by the NRC's agreement with Sudan on camp coordination in Kalma camp would not be renewed. NRC was also informed that its presence in South Darfur was not wanted, and NRC was asked to leave the state. No reasons were given by the authorities as to why NRC had to leave the state of South Darfur. While this is being resolved, NRC continues its humanitarian aid programmes in North and South Sudan.

Kalma Camp, South Darfur

Photo: African Union soldier at Kalma Camp, South Darfur. Sign says: "WE NEED INTERNATIONAL FORCE TO PROTECT US"

NRC has been coordinating relief work in Kalma camp in cooperation with the local authorities in South Darfur since mid 2004. Kalma camp is the largest camp for internally displaced persons in Sudan with almost 100,000 people. As an implementing partner of World Food Programme (WFP), NRC has also been distributing food aid to some 50,000 people in an area south of the state capital of Nyala in South Darfur, and has been running an education programme for 16,000 children in Kalma camp.

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