SUDAN WATCH: Rwandan troops leave for peacekeeping mission in Darfur

Friday, April 28, 2006

Rwandan troops leave for peacekeeping mission in Darfur

67 Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) troops have been airlifted to Darfur on an AU peacekeeping mission. The departure coincides with the return of some other 67 RDF troops who had been on the same mission to Sudan.

Apart from the Rwanda Defence Force soldiers in Darfur and Khartoum,
50 officials of the national police are in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum keeping law and order under the UN Mission in the Sudan, UNMIS, and the AU Mission in Sudan, AMIS.

Rwandan soldiers on way to Darfur, Sudan

Photo: Rwandan soldiers belonging to the African Union force wait to board a plane to be dispatched to the Darfur region of Sudan. Gen James Kabarebe said that the six-months assignment by the AU is in recognition of the excellent skills and discipline that have been exhibited by the Rwanda Defence Force troops while they were carrying out their peacekeeping duties in Darfur and in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum. (Sudan Tribune)


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