SUDAN WATCH: Sudan: Uranium in Darfur? - Iran 'could share nuclear skills'

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Sudan: Uranium in Darfur? - Iran 'could share nuclear skills'

Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei says willing to transfer nuclear technology to Sudan, Associated Press reported today.

Khamenei has said his country is ready to share its nuclear technology with other nations, BBC reported today - excerpt:
Ayatollah Khamenei made the offer during a meeting with visiting Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir.

In his meeting with Mr Bashir, Ayatollah Khamenei said Iranian scientists' nuclear capability was "one example of the numerous scientific movements in the country".

"The Islamic Republic is ready to transfer this experience and the technology and knowledge of its scientists," the leader was quoted as saying.

In return, the Sudanese president praised Iran's enrichment of uranium as a great victory for the Islamic world.

Mr Bashir said last month his country was considering creating a civilian nuclear programme.
Sudanese president in Iran

Photo: Iranian Ahmadinejadand his Sudanese counterpart Sudanese President al-Bashir listen to Sudan's national anthem after his arrival in Tehran April 24, 2006 (Reuters) - see Sudan Tribune Apr 25 2006 Iran, Sudan discuss bilateral cooperation, investment

Further reading

Dec 4 2004 France is interested in Uranium and has drilling rights in Sudan (Oil and Mineral Riches in Darfur - Uranium discovered in Hofrat Al Nihas) and this excerpt, from a blog entry I wrote August 2, 2004:
At the moment I am searching for maps to pinpoint Hofrat Al Nihas. (Other names: Hofrat el Nahas, Hofrat en Nahas, Hufrat an Nahas, Hofrat en Nahas). I think it may be in South Darfur - maybe close to a border [--] Here's why:

Khaleej Times Online excerpt: "The oil and precious mineral resources such as uranium discovered in Hofrat Al Nihas have set off fierce competition between US and France. The US has started to invest in oil industry in Chad, France's former colony, while France Total company obtained drilling rights in Sudan."
Aug 8 2004 BBC - Press suspicion is rife in Sudan itself, where a writer in Al-Ra'y al-Am calls for dialogue and warns that outside powers could exploit the crisis to control Darfur's reputed mineral resources. "The Naivasha method and spirit ... are the best way of resolving the problem and foiling the desires of foreign states that want Darfur's uranium, copper and oil," the article says, referring to the peace talks in Kenya between the Sudanese government and rebels from the south of the country.

Dec 20 2004 Rebels attack Darfur oil

Apr 3 2005 Oil found in South Darfur

Apr 16 2005 Sudan says oil discovered in Darfur

Apr 18 2005 New oil field in Darfur expected to produce crude oil by August 2005

Jean-Gabriel Antoni

Photo: An agreement on oil prospecting and production was signed in Khartoum on October 21, 2003 at the Ministry of Energy and Mining for the Block 2 which extends from the Bahr al-Jabal State [southern Sudan] to the borders of the Central African Republic and Chad. Photo shows Eronat's Geneva based financial manager, Jean-Gabriel Antoni, in his grey suit (on the left, almost trying to get out of the picture) signing the Darfur oil deal with Sudan's energy minister Dr Awad Ahmad al-Jaz. Read more in Sudan Watch archive June 17 2005: Chinese sign up with Eronat's Cliveden and Canada's Encana to explore oil in Chad

Jun 9 2005 Friedhelm Eronat is behind Cliveden Sudan and Darfur oil deal

Jun 10 2005 Friedhelm Eronat and Cliveden Sudan named as buyer of Darfur oil rights

Jul 27 2005 Friedhelm Eronat's oil deals in Darfur, Sudan - Secret World of the Chelsea Oil Tycoon

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