SUDAN WATCH: Sudan VP Garang crash initial report blames pilot-SPLM

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sudan VP Garang crash initial report blames pilot-SPLM

A report into the death of Sudanese First Vice President John Garang blamed pilot error for the crash of the helicopter last year.

The initial report also ruled out mechanical failure in the helicopter which crashed into a hill killing all 14 passengers last year just three weeks after Garang took office, a spokesman of Garang's Sudan People' Liberation Movement (SPLM) said on Wednesday.

"The initial report suggested it was pilot error," said Walid Hamid of the SPLM. He said the report added there was no hill sensor on the helicopter and the pilot was flying at 5,300 feet and the hill was 6,000 feet. There was no mention of foul play. Full report Reuters 5 April 2006.

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Aug 1 2005 Sudan VP Garang killed in crash

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