SUDAN WATCH: Sudan's president calls on all Sudanese to say no to "foreign" troops in Darfur

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Sudan's president calls on all Sudanese to say no to "foreign" troops in Darfur

Addressing a conference of the Sudanese Youth National Union on Wednesday, the president called on all Sudanese to say no to foreign troops in Darfur, Xinhua reported 13 Apr 2006 - excerpt:

"Attempts to intervene in Sudan's affairs would continue unless all Sudanese decided that no foreign soldier would be allowed to set a foot on the Sudanese soil whatever be the justification," said al-Bashir.

"Foreign intervention is but the old colonization cloaked in the new cloth of the suspicious organizations and arms dealers," al-Bashir added.

International non-governmental aid organizations have repeatedly accused the Sudanese authorities of "imposing greater restrictions on relief operations."

Al-Bashir reaffirmed Khartoum's commitment to finding a peaceful and comprehensive political solution to the question of Darfur through negotiations.

In an interview with the Saudi Al-Ekhabariya TV Channel on Wednesday, al-Bashir denounced the suspicious Western attempts to fuel and prolong the conflict in Darfur in order to realize special agenda.

Al-Bashir lauded the role being played by the Arab countries with respect to supporting peace and rehabilitation in Sudan.


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