SUDAN WATCH: Foreign donors turning backs on Darfur - UNICEF

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Foreign donors turning backs on Darfur - UNICEF

International donors are turning their backs on Darfur UNICEF said on Wednesday - Reuters:
Dan Toole, head of emergency programmes for UNICEF, said large parts of Darfur were off limits to aid workers as government forces and local militias battled each other as peace talks faltered.

"Donors are just not coming up with the money. I can understand that they are fed up [--] the peace process isn't moving forward, security is deteriorating -- we have no access to the area of the border with Chad, there are parts of south Darfur you can't even travel anymore -- and donors have not kicked in adequate funds."
[I say, "fed up" may be an understatement. How many more years will this go on for? 20 ... 50 ... or what? Surely if the Arabs were made to cough up a few billion dollars for humanitarian aid for the Sudanese people, they'd pay more attention to what their brothers in the Sudan are doing]

Sudan needs help

Cartoon by M.e Cohen, courtesy

Note, Apr 5 2006 Sudan clears UN visit to Darfur


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