SUDAN WATCH: Sudan clears UN visit to Darfur

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sudan clears UN visit to Darfur

Quelle surprise. Sudan has said it will allow Jan Egeland, the UN undersecretary, to visit Darfur, three days after it barred his flight to Darfur. Will we ever know what this stunt and media game was all about? More later, if I can find out.

Al-Samani Al-Wasleea

Photo: Elsamani Elwasilah Elsamani, Sudan's state minister for foreign affairs, said in a press statement that "we reiterate our commitment to receive concerned officials from the United Nations and all other those who are engaged in extending humanitarian aid and assistance".

The visit of Egeland, the UN Undersecretary for Humanitarian Affairs, had been postponed for 10 days because of "internal reasons", the statement said, without elaboration.

Full report AP/Aljazeera 5 Apr 2006. Photo courtesy Sudan Tribune.

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