SUDAN WATCH: Sudanese Government hindering care to refugees

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Sudanese Government hindering care to refugees

On the Sudanese Government, James Lawrence of the humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders, is quoted as saying:
"It is hindering the provision of primary health care to refugees."
Riek Rackar of the South Sudan Human Development, a humanitarian group assisting in refugee resettlement, said Khartoum's attempt to bar the UN's aid chief Jan Egeland raised doubts about its commitment to engage the international community in ending the Darfur crisis and taking care of affected civilians.

Full report CNS 7 Apr 2006.
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Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) calls on the Sudanese authorities and the UN to create the necessary humanitarian space for aid organisations to continue life saving operations

NRC report Mar 10, 2006 excerpt:
UNHCR's announced cut in activities in Darfur is another clear testimony that the international community, together with the Sudanese authorities, lack the ability to create the necessary humanitarian space for humanitarian actors to assist the Sudanese civilian population.

According to UNHCR, the security situation is so volatile that aid workers cannot get to those in need. Humanitarian convoys are being targeted, the agency said in its statement released in Geneva, and access to large areas of west Darfur is severely limited.

UNHCR blamed lack of security and confidence in the Sudanese Government as the main obstacles for internally displaced persons and refugees to return to their villages.


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