SUDAN WATCH: BLACK KUSH (blogger in Darfur): Malakal on fire!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

BLACK KUSH (blogger in Darfur): Malakal on fire!

Nov 30 2006 BLACK KUSH - excerpt:
Malakal on fire!
Not again!

The militias in South Sudan are at it again. What is the Sudan Armed forces doing supporting the militais? This is yet again the eveident support of SAF and Khartoum to continuous distabilize South Sudan and abandon the CPA.

The fighting in Malakal should be condemned by all peace loving people. We had enough enough of these militias and they must be disarmed as soon as possible.
[hat tip sidebar of Soldier of Africa]

UPDATE: Dec 3 2006 ST report - Security situation in Malakal returns to normalcy - UN: full text of the UNMIS news bulletin issued by the offices of the spokesperson on Sunday 3 December 3, 2006.


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