Saturday, December 23, 2006

John Garang's security proposal for overseeing Darfur ceasefire - Child soldiers in Janjaweed and NMRD

Snippet from Sudan Watch archives dated Feb 9 2005 - Child soldiers in Janjaweed and breakaway Darfur rebel group NMRD:
Leader of the SPLM/A John Garang has proposed the deployment of a tripartite force -- one-third each from the government, the SPLA and the AU -- to oversee the Darfur ceasefire and end the bloodshed. "You really do need a robust force in order to be able to sufficiently protect the civilian population," Garang said Monday in New York.

[SLA rebel leader] Nur welcomed the participation of the SPLA in such a force, but said the government, which he accused of complicity in attacks against civilians in Darfur, cannot be part of that force. "We cannot accept that," he said.

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