Saturday, December 09, 2006

Sudan's Bashir accuses world of silence on NRF's attacks

Dec 8 2006 Sudan Tribune article - Sudan accuses world of silence on Darfur rebels' attacks - excerpt:
Sudanese president Omar Hassan al-Bashir has accused the international community of tacit complicity in keeping silence about violence caused by Darfur rebel groups opposed to peace agreement.

At a press conference he held Friday morning by the end of the Summit of the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group in Khartoum, Al-Bashir said that the international community is turning a blind eye to the violations being perpetrated by the rebel National Redemption Front in Darfur (NRF).

He said that the NRF was established after the signing of the peace deal to launch war against the government and crush the faction of Sudan Liberation Movement which has signed Darfur Peace Agreement with the government.

Al-Bashir said that the NRF was flagrantly given support from the international community, despite the warning after the signing of Darfur Peace Agreement in Abuja that any circle or party that attempt to hinder the peace and security process in Darfur will be subjected to deterrent punishment by the international community.

In indirect accusation to the neighboring Chad, He said that the NRF has been receiving big quantities of arms, military equipment and vehicles across the border, instead of being punished for its violation and undermining to the peace and security in Darfur.

He said that the support and encouragement given by of the international community to the Redemption Front had motivated it to expand its military activity and to occupy all the areas in North Darfur of the faction which has signed Darfur Peace Agreement with the government.

President Al-Bashir said that accusation of ceasefire violation was directed to Sudan government when the Armed Forces tended to confront the aggressing NRF when its forces reached a position that only 30 kilometres far from Al-Fashir city, the capital of North Darfur State.

He again contested the number of victims of the Darfur conflict, estimated by the UN and non-government organisations at 200 000 people, saying the toll had yet to be proven.

Beshir said recently that 9 000 people had been killed since the conflict in Darfur began in 2003.

Al-Bashir said that the African, Caribbean Pacific Summit has discussed in general the issue of peace and security in the member states, therefore it did not adopt any stance concerning deployment of international forces in Darfur.

He further added that the summit has regarded peace and stability as key elements for any economic development and even trade exchange.

He said that the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group is calling on the developed countries to reduce the support given to their own products so as to enable competition between the products of the developing and the poor countries, adding that the developed countries are showing obstinacy to the call for just trade competition.

He said that the ACP group's summit has underscored the importance of support to the trade between the ACP group countries.

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