Friday, December 22, 2006

What's wrong with AU-UN hybrid force in Darfur?

Mark Hanis of the Genocide Intervention Network ( in the United States, recently commented at Werner's Soldier of Africa blog from Darfur, saying: "it would be great to hear your [Werner's] thoughts on how concerned citizens can help you and your fellow peacekeepers protect the people of Darfur.

And Werner replied...
"Mark, I think the most they can do is raise public awareness. The UN and international community are not doing what they should. They are trying to stay out of Darfur, more so than with any other previous international hotspot. The only way to combat this is by means of public pressure. Pressure your government to act. I had a quick look at your organisation's website and what it does goes a long way to doing this. Once Darfur is on everybody's lips nobody will be able to ignore it anymore.
Am I being dim today or is Werner saying the only way to combat the international community and UN trying to stay out of Darfur is via public pressure calling for a UN force? My stance is that I am against armed people entering Sudan uninvited, especially any military force without a UN resolution.

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