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Soldier of Africa: Answers to Questions

Huge thanks to Werner of Soldier of Africa blog for Answers to Questions. Lovely surprise, very interesting, thanks! Here is a copy:
Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Answers to Questions

These are my responses to the questions posed at the end of a post at Sudan Watch. The original post is at

Question: Has the food (especially from Khartoum) for AMIS personnel improved?
Answer: I do not know, since I prepare my own food due to the fact that the food was so unbearably inadequate in both quality and quantity.

Question: Are AMIS personnel now paid correctly and on time?
Answer: No.

Question: Has night time curfew on patrols been lifted?
Answer: Yes, but currently it may be in place again. Poor communication is an unfortunate reality here.

Question: Is AMIS still doing firewood patrols?
Answer: In some areas, yes.

Question: How can you tell if the Sudanese forces and civilians you meet are Arab or non-Arab?
Answer: It is difficult, but usually our interpreters and party representatives tell us.

Question: How can you understand what they are saying?
Answer: We have interpreters and some AMIS personnel come from Arab countries, ie. Egypt and Mauritania.

Question: Are they friendly when they greet you?
Answer: Usually they are very friendly.

Question: How can you tell who is a rebel and who is a civilian?
Answer: The rebels carry firearms.

Question: How can you tell who is a bandit and who is a janjaweed?
Answer: I wish I knew. The one is politically motivated and the other is not.

Question: How can you tell who is a janjaweed and who is a government soldier?
Answer: Usually the GoS wear distinctive green camouflage uniforms and the Janjaweed do not. Otherwise I would not be able to tell the difference.

Question: Have you seen a lot of dead bodies and graves in Darfur?
Answer: I have seen mostly photos taken by friends of mine as well as those taken by AMIS.

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