Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Sudanese media says UN fails to provide first batch of support to AU

Via Sudanese Media Center:
UN Fails to Provide the First Batch of Support to AU
Wednesday 27 December 2006
Khartoum (Sudanvisiondaily)

The United Nations has failed to provide the first batch of support to the African Union forces in Darfur that include providing experts and technicians.

The Tripartite Mechanism meeting, yesterday, reviewed the three batches of assistance and the commitment of the United Nations to provide equipments, civil experts and technicians to the African Union forces operating in Darfur.

The government coordinator in the Tripartite Mechanism and the Director of Peace Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Alsadiq Almagli told Sudan Vision that the United Nations has provided only 43 experts out of the 105 promised.

Almagli revealed that the United Nations did not provide any civilian experts from the planned 45 and has provided only 24 civil police personnel out of the 33 promised Almagli said that the United Nations will hand those experts to the African Union this week, adding that the list provided by the United Nations was not complete, confirming that the government will provide all the necessary facilitation for the United Nations support to the African Union.

Almagli stated that the experts provided by the United Nations are Africans, confirming that the government has expressed its readiness to provide all the necessary facilities for the United Nations.

On his part AMIS Spokesman Nouraddin Mezni stated that the meeting is considered to be the real beginning for implementing the support batches, confirming that the government and the African Union have provided a joint list of the needs for the first batch.

Mezni revealed that there are 9 civil police experts in Al Fashir and 15 others in Khartoum. Mezni stated that the government of Sudan has expressed its readiness to facilitate the United Nations support to AU.

On his part the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesman Ali Al -Sadiq said that the second meeting of the Tripartite Mechanism aimed at coordinating activities, noting that the next meeting will be convened in next January.

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