Thursday, December 14, 2006

Plan B for Darfur - Neglected Abbala nomad group in N Darfur

Dec 11 2006 Reuters AlertNet - Plan B for Darfur (Nina Brenjo):
Flint argues that the Arab camel nomad group called Abbala in northern Darfur have been consistently neglected as a community and it's no wonder it's so easy to recruit them into the ranks of the janjaweed. They need the job in order to survive, and this one comes with a monthly wage. Instead, Flint argues, woo them with development projects and livelihood strategies.
Perhaps same could be said of all the outlaws and bandits roaming Sudan. How to quell anarchy?

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SoundHunter said...

I have so little understanding of what's going on in these regions, being a busy mom of young children in Canada. thank you for putting so much information out there to be found by people like me. I'll be linking to you from my blog.