Saturday, December 30, 2006

SADDAM EXECUTED - How should we react?

I've spent the past two hours watching BBC tv news, live from Iraq. Saddam Hussein's execution for crimes against humanity took place around 6am Iraq time (3am GMT) today. Can't watch anymore, feeling sickened. I agree with David's blog entry SADDAM EXECUTED - How should we react? and would much rather have seen Saddam Hussein serve the rest of his life in prison.

David is a British blogger and Conservative living in Glasgow, Scotland, UK.
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See today's Sudan Tribune article: Sudanese government condemns Saddam execution.

Dec 30 2006 GV - The Iranian Blogestan on Saddam Hussein's death

Dec 30 2006 GV - Saddam at the Iraqi Blogodrome...


Cartoon by Latuff, via Global Voices

Dec 30 2006 Lord of the Blog, The Weblog of Lord Soley of Hammersmith: Saddam Hussein: We have many such breeding grounds for people like Saddam in the world today and still no effective way of dealing with them.

Dec 30 2006 Mashable - Saddam's Execution Video Makes it to Google Video, YouTube, Revver

The Sudanese Thinker - Saddam's Execution: A Truly Historical Moment

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