Friday, December 15, 2006

Sapa lifted quotes from Werner's blog - SA troops adapt to peacekeeping

What a cheek. Dec 15 2006 Sapa news reporter Louis Oelofse (via Mail & Guardian Online) lifted captions from Werner's blog entries at Soldier of Africa without linking to it or giving the blog credit. Excerpt from Sapa's report:
South Africans and the African peacekeeping operation in Sudan's embattled Darfur region are facing an uphill battle.

"Things are definitely escalating ... the question is, when and where will it peak and how bad will it be," writes Captain Werner Klokow.

He is a military observer in El Fasher and said in the past week tensions were taken to a new level.

"Tonight an Amis (peacekeeping contingent) vehicle was hijacked close to our house and the night has seen a moderate volume of gunfire. It has prompted us to rehearse our emergency plan and we are constantly observing," he wrote last Sunday.
Skimming through the above report might give one the impression Werner talked to the reporter. I know it's a nit pick but people quoting from a blog, ought to credit the blog by name.

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Thank you for the comment on my story. Just to let you know I did in fact said Werner wrote it on his blog (although not naming it specifically) but that somehow got lost in the editing process (unfortunately unlike a blog my stories has to go through various subs before it gets put out). I have raised the issue with them and hopefully this would not happen again. SAPA has a policy of clearly identifying other sources used so it was not a deliberate mistake. Thanks in the meantime for keeping us updated with information not normally found from official source ;-)