Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Lifeline for Darfur in Chad

Dec 13 2006 Lifeline for Darfur - Comment - Times Online
This disaster can be salvaged only by new thinking. Bosnia gave the concept of "safe havens" a bad name, but havens are desperately needed. Create them not in Sudan, but in Chad.

Chad's Government wants the UN there, not least to warn Khartoum off destabilising Chad by supporting rebel groups there.

Chad already shelters thousands of Darfur refugees and will need to find room for more, as the murderers close in on the Darfur camps.

The responsibility to do what should now be done rests with the Security Council -- it must take a clear and coherent position against mass murder -- and so the onus (and the ultimate blame) is on Russia and China.
Nicely put.

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