SUDAN WATCH: Darfur peacekeepers still not paid on time - - The "I Stand with Darfur" Campaign

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Darfur peacekeepers still not paid on time - - The "I Stand with Darfur" Campaign - The "I Stand with Darfur" Campaign demands that:
"President Bush stop trading the lives of Darfurians for Sudan's intelligence information and, instead, protect the people of Darfur with an effective international peacekeeping force - with or without the government of Sudan's consent. Genocide is not negotiable."
[hat tip The Sudanese Thinker]
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I say, what a load of twaddle. Forgive these misguided people for they know not what they do. No doubt Darfur's bandits appreciate them. Maybe these people see Darfur rebels as freedom fighters with a worthy cause. I don't. Armed civilians living as bandits, up to no good. Fuelling the flames of anarchy. It's not difficult to understand why Sudan has been ruled with a stick. What would happen otherwise? Peace and democracy overnight among millions of uneducated, unemployed, poverty stricken people? I don't think so. I've nothing against these Save Darfur people. I just wish they'd channel their energy into ensuring the peacekeepers currently in Darfur receive all the support they need. Paying them on time would be a good start. As well as ensuring their food rations are of an acceptable standard. I think it's a scandal that AMIS personnel are still not receiving pay due or any good food. Millions - probably now running into billions - of dollars spent on Darfur while AMIS (African Union's Mission in Sudan) personnel are not paid or given decent food. How is donors' money spent? Are donors pledging but not paying up or what? Why hasn't someone looked into this? Why is mainstream media not picking up on this longstanding problem? Grrr. Lazy bum journalists.


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