SUDAN WATCH: UN airlifts staff out of North Darfur as Janjaweed move in

Thursday, December 07, 2006

UN airlifts staff out of North Darfur as Janjaweed move in

Dec 7 2006 Belfast Telegraph report by Elizabeth Davies UN airlifts staff out of Darfur town as Janjaweed move in. Excerpt:
Dozens of non-essential staff from UN and other relief agencies were airlifted out of El-Fasher on Tuesday night after the already fraught security situation in and around northern Darfur's regional aid hub worsened dramatically.

Three students were killed yesterday by Arab militia loyal to the government as rebels massed on the outskirts and the African Union (AU) warned of a fresh wave of attacks within the next 24 hours.

The situation had become so bad that staff had to be withdrawn for their own safety, said the UN.

"Over the past two months, North Darfur has been the most difficult place in the country to work," said Greg Barrow, senior public affairs officer for the WFP. "We hope the situation doesn't get so bad that we have to scale back our operations "
Imagine how it must feel to be classed as a non-essential member of staff. Not very nice, especially if you work hard and do a good job. I don't like the term "non-essential staff". Its not fair on the people doing such jobs.

Note the report reminds us North Darfur is the most difficult place in Sudan to work.


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