Friday, December 01, 2006

Oxford's MSc course in African Studies - We blog for Darfur: Can bloggers save Darfur?

Congratulations to Julianne Rose for being accepted onto Oxford's MSc course in African Studies. Good luck Julianne! Be sure to read The Sudanese Thinker and Mideast Youth and the links here below.

Oxford University, England, UK

We blog for Darfur - Can bloggers save Darfur?

The Sudanese Thinker - About Darfur & About Me

Mideast Youth in collaboration with Good Neighbours

Nov 24 2006 Sudan Watch - Sudanese people blogging for Darfur

The Sudanese Thinker - New Sudanese Blogger Joins Us

path2hope's Nomadic Thoughts in Dar Es Salaam, TZ

We blog for Darfur

Note, excerpt from Julianne's Nov 29 2006 blog entry - Both Sides Now: an update:
The 2 days before Thanksgiving break we also had another booth on campus to get people aware about Darfur. It was super successful - we had a sign-up sheet where people could write their email address if they were interested in further action - we got over 120 addresses! woo-woo! I'm at home at the moment, preparing for tonight - I'm speaking at the Students for International Development meeting about "African issues." I'm not sure which war they'd like me to talk about - I'll give them the option of Darfur, DR Congo, Uganda, or Somalia/Ethiopia. It should be great - this is one of the best and biggest clubs on campus, so I'm excited to get some good African-awareness out there. Plus this weekend is a benefit concert for Care for Life, and I'm doing publicity like crazy. And of course Friday is World AIDS Day - so yet another benefit concert that Students for Africa is putting on, plus a full day of lectures etc. More publicity, flyer-tagging apartment complexes etc. Every 15 seconds someone dies of AIDS-related causes. tragic.

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